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Welcome to KJ Group!

Our Belief

KJ Group was founded by Mr. Kishor Otarmal Jain, with noble purpose of providing Quality Education to Rural Communities. Having make significant achievements in Education, the Group has diversified into Affordable Housing to deliver Quality Homes at Affordable Prices.

We have always strived to ensure that all the sections of the society are positively touched and gives us immense satisfaction that we have not only delivered but also have grown by Leaps and Bounds”.

We have always acknowledged and appreciated the contributions of all who have been a part of this wonderful journey, we look forward to having your support in all our future endeavours. “Come and be a part of our progress”

How We Work

Quality is our prime focus at everything we do at KJ Group. Quality that’s visibly present and felt in every vertical of our operations; from Design to Construction, from Education to CSR and everything in between. This dedication driven by unsaid & unwritten bylaws have enabled us to achieve the heights we have reached today, together with sheer hard work and adherence to commitments.

KJ Group utilizes the best in the business for every endeavour we undertake. Whether it’s the latest in Technology, Power or Speed, we put it to use to display our commitment to quality without giving up on our commitments.

Our History

During the 90’s with only one English medium school setup the Govt owned petroleum company IPCL in Nagothane, the local villagers, mainly belonging to the poorer sections of society were deprived of basic education.

Taking this as a challenge and with an aim to provide education to all and not deprive any children of this basic right, Our founder, Mr. Kishor Otarmal Jain worked relentlessly in this direction and set up a School thereby fulfilling the dream for “EDUCATION TO ALL”. Mr. Kishor Jain’s life, since then, has been full of commitments to people’s welfare.

Expanding his activities from Education to Construction and Finance, His name has been one to reckon with. A passionate social worker, Mr. Jain has dedicated his life towards the upliftment of the masses and is has been the craftsman behind the development of the Nagothane and its neighbouring areas .

He continues to deliver through his various socio-economic initiatives driven by his ever-zealous team at KJ Group.


Founded KJ Group


BES School


Jogeshwari Finance


BES Pharmacy College


SSOSP College of Diploma Engineering

Sheth Shri Otarmal Sheshmal Parmar College of Diploma Engineering

Bhairav Realty

Ms. Shraddha Kakatkar

VP, Sales & Marketing

Mr. Kartik Jain


Mr. Kishor Jain

Chairman & Founder


Meet the gears that keep the machinery at KJ Group moving ever so flawlessly.